Learn One, Do One, Teach One.

Start Up.

So in the process of setting up this site, which in the beginning was a demo version to learn Azure Web App Development, and the complexities of Cloud Computing. I found that I needed a larger skillset than I had anticipated. What turned out to be a project to host some Power Bi Reports on a Website, turned into a full on Redirection into Learning Visual Studio 2017, Visual Studio Team Services, Azure Web + SQL, Asp.Net Core, Entity Framework Core, Razor Pages, C#, Database Development, as well as the hundreds of other features and applications that can run on Azure.

Learn One.

Once I started down this road, I found that I’m going to need to learn how to wright the code for these projects to function the way I want them to. WordPress offers a great CMS, but If you want to create an Inventory Database Application, that supports multiple users, and connect Power Bi, to the backend of the database to create the reports, Then there isn’t an easy way around than to build it yourself, or pay someone to build it for you, which isn’t an option in my case. Where to Start? The best resource that I found, is to dive in and start using the available tools. Microsoft Azure offers a large amount of free service tiers, that you can use in the development process to help get yourself up to speed. My current toolbox Items Include.

  • Microsoft Azure: Web App + Sql
  • Azure Sql Database
  • Visual Studio 2017
  • Visual Studio Team Services
  • Sql Server Management Studio 17
  • Microsoft Azure Storage Explorer, For Azure Storage
  • Pluralsite. Online Courses
  • Asp.Net Core 2.0: MVC & Razor Pages For Beginners
  • WordPress: Project Nami That Uses Microsoft Sql Database rather than MySQL.
  • Power Bi
  • Office 365

The goal of this project is to learn C# programming and to be able to develop a web database application, connect power Bi to the database, develop the report, and embed that report into the web application.  When users update the database, the Power Bi report is also updated at the same time.

Do One.

The current project that I’m working in addition to Setting up this WordPress Site, is a video course website that uses a SQL database to store course information that has a user website and an administration website.  I’m about ¾ of the way finished with this project, when its finished I will post it on azure as a demo site.  The second project that I’m working on is a Asp.net Core 2.0 Razor Pages application.  Microsoft Contoso University app that uses razor pages and SQL database and the development of the application.  On both of these projects I will add in Power Bi reports and integrate them into the projects.

Teach One.

Once these projects are finished I will upload the video’s documenting the process of developing these two projects.  Stay tuned.




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